Why Use a Mortgage Broker?

Why Use a Mortgage Broker?

Purchasing or building a house is an expensive endeavor and most people are required to take a mortgage to pay for the home. Scouring the market looking for the right mortgage to suit your situation could be a tedious process. However, having a mortgage broker act as a middleman between you and potential lenders (banks) […]

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Do you have the credit score you need to get a mortgage?

  For many people interested in buying a home, one of the major stumbling blocks can be a damaged credit history. Whether you are a first time homebuyer with a short credit history, have faced financial difficulties in the past, or simply want to boost your credit to get the best mortgage terms possible, here are some […]

Mortgage Talk with Shane Ferrao on Talk Time at Radio CEWR

Watch our live vlog from Talk Time at Radio CEWR with your co-host Shane Ferrao. Mortgage Talk with is your source for home financing whether you are a first-time homebuyer, upgrading, downsizing, investing or just researching. We know that using a reputable and trusted mortgage broker to help walk you through the home buying […]

Bank of Canada – July 2018 rate increase

As many economists expected, the Bank of Canada recently announced that it is increasing the overnight rate by 0.25%. The rate hike was the central bank’s first interest rate move in six months and lifted the trend-setting rate to 1.5%, up from 1.25%. It was the bank’s fourth increase over the last 12 months and the […]

Strategies to reduce your debt

According to a recent survey, nearly a third of debtholders are embarrassed or don’t know who to talk to about debt management. Canadians lack confidence in their bank’s willingness and ability to help with debt, but we know that effective debt management is a key contributor to financial health. So, let’s talk more about strategies […]

New mortgage rule changes starting January 1, 2018

The greatest value that I share as a mortgage broker is the knowledge of the lending environment and in choosing which lender is best suited for your needs. Now, more than ever, new home buyers and existing home owners are going to rely this guidance and expertise in navigating through these regulatory changes. 1. Qualifying […]

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